Association PAC (Political Action Committee) Fundraising

CAPTEL has a long history of raising funds for many of the nation’s largest association PACs and is  widely recognized for its expertise and success in PAC fundraising for business and physician associations.

Our telephone and direct mail programs have added new sources of revenue to our clients’ PAC treasuries – keeping them competitive and growing in an era of sweeping legislative change such as Health Care and Financial Services Reform, and in the post-Citizens United era of the super PAC.

Among CAPTEL’s long list of achievements is the development of a telephone renewal and prospecting program to compliment a national business association’s successful direct mail program. Over a period of ten election cycles (1998-2016), CAPTEL increased total PAC receipts by 800% and added 100,000 new, first-time contributors to the PAC. In addition, the company developed a telephone solicitation program for $1,000 and $5,000 PAC donors – adding over 2,500 new donors to these major contributor categories.

For a specialty physician association, CAPTEL increased PAC giving levels by 300% in three years, and during the most recent election cycles of 2010 through 2016, the PAC was consistently ranked as the largest physician PAC in the U.S.  In order to achieve this level of success with physicians – a group of professionals known for their busy schedules, we developed custom communications channels for physicians to respond to PAC solicitations and interact with our client representatives.

During the current 2018 election cycle, the company is again achieving record levels of PAC donor support on behalf of its association clients.