Special Projects for Companies and Public Affairs Firms

CAPTEL has assisted corporations and national public affairs firms in telephone marketing, survey research, issues advocacy and customer preference surveys.  Whether a company or organization is seeking to survey preferences, build awareness of new products or services, express appreciation or reactivate sales, we deliver personal calls to help clients achieve their goals.

Examples of our work include the following telephone campaigns:

  • A major US computer equipment manufacturer selected CAPTEL to conduct a survey of its customers to determine current equipment used and future buying preferences;
  • A regional technology investor’s consortium asked us to assist in the recruitment of investment banking professionals, venture capitalists and fund managers to attend a two-day conference featuring Mid-Atlantic public and private technology companies. The quality of attendees recruited resulted in significant investments for several presenting companies;
  • Through a grass-roots telephone campaign, CAPTEL helped a major national retailer win local government approval to build a new store, while providing the same client with critical voter opinion research to suspend plans for another store in an adjacent state.
  • A venture capital fund asked CAPTEL to survey the customers of a newly acquired portfolio company.  Through our telephone outreach, we discovered a high level of customer dissatisfaction which enabled the venture fund to make changes in the service levels provided by the acquired company.