Telephone Fundraising and Membership Development

  • Political Action Committee (PAC) Fundraising for Associations
  • Association Membership Renewal Campaigns
  • Acquisition of New Members and Donors
  • Annual Fund┬áSolicitations
  • Upgrading Contributor Support Levels
  • Meeting and┬áConference┬áRegistrations
  • Meeting and Conference Attendance Building
  • Polling and Survey Research
  • Activation of Grass-roots Member Networks for Legislative and Issue Advocacy
  • Major Contributor Fundraising at the $5,000, $10,000 and $100,000 levels

Client-Dedicated Telephone Representatives

CAPTEL assigns its representatives to client programs on an exclusive basis.  Representatives working on behalf of a specific client will not be assigned simultaneously to other projects for the duration of a client calling program regardless of its length. The majority of our representatives call for the same client every day throughout the year.

This practice assures clients that our representatives will be highly knowledgeable about your organization and its members or donors, and, that conversations with members and donors will be well-informed.  Unlike its competitors, CAPTEL guarantees this level of personalized service to insure successful telephone campaigns.